Nov 09, 2023 by Softicu

Softicu to Kick Start TechXcel Bootcamp on November 20th, 2023: Building Future Tech Leaders

Softicu is proud to announce the much-anticipated launch of its TechXcel Bootcamp, set to commence on November 20th, 2023. As a leading proponent of technological education and innovation, Softicu is committed to nurturing the next wave of tech professionals through this comprehensive and transformative educational program.

Nov 18, 2023 by Softicu

Softicu Join Microsoft for Startups Program

Exciting News! Softicu Hub has successfully been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups program, unlocking a treasure trove of valuable perks to propel our growth

Dec 30, 2023 by Softicu

Softicu Is Now 3MTT Training Provider

Exciting News! Softicu is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovations, and Digital Economy as an official training provider under the prestigious 3MTT (3 Million Tech Talents) program.

Jan 21, 2024 by Softicu

Softicu Hub Celebrates Graduation of 100 Students in Diverse Tech Disciplines

Softicu Hub, a leading technology education institution, is proud to announce the successful graduation of 100 students who completed an intensive four-month program in Web Development, Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Graphics Design, Data Analysis, and Computer Appreciation. The program, which commenced on May 15th, 2023, and concluded on October 20th, 2023, marked a significant milestone in the educational journey of these aspiring tech professionals

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