Posted: 18-Nov-2023, 7 months ago

Softicu Join Microsoft for Startups Program

Exciting News! Softicu Hub has successfully been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups program, unlocking a treasure trove of valuable perks to propel our growth. Among these incredible benefits are:
- OpenAI: $2,500
- Miro: $1,500
- Bubble: $3,000
- LinkedIn Ads Credit: $500
- Stripe: Up to $25,000 (commission-free)
- Azure Cloud: $5,000 (with the option to scale up to $125,000)

These tools are indispensable assets for our upcoming phase of development, providing us with the means to accelerate solution creation, conduct experiments, and deliver even greater value to our trainees and customers.

But hold on, there's more! A comprehensive list of additional perks awaits us as we embark on the next leg of our journey. With these advantages at our disposal, we are well-positioned to achieve our goals, and the excitement is palpable 😍.

Stay tuned as we share updates on our thrilling journey ahead! #MicrosoftForStartups #GameChangers #StartupWin #Softicu

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